Macaque Attack by Gareth L. Powell

book cover of Macaque Attack

I’ve compared the previous two instalments in this trilogy (Ack-Ack Macaque and Hive Monkey) to the TV show Doctor Who: they’re fast-paced, campy romps with just the right balance of science fantasy absurdity and empathetic characters who convince you to soldier on with it. Continuing on with that metaphor, Macaque Attack is a fairly typical RTD-era series finale (or even the finale of your average two-parter)… it’s where the showrunners have decided to just do everything, all at once, to the point that you can no longer follow what’s meant to be happening and some overwrought emotional scenes can’t really make up for the fact that the characters have long since been overwhelmed by “plot”.

Anyway, the good news is, at the end of the book we discover that none of the events that took place in this trilogy were real anyway. So I guess it doesn’t really matter that I struggled to follow along. Sort of a disappointing way for it all to end really.

Books in the Ack-Ack Macaque series

  1. Ack-Ack Macaque
  2. Hive Monkey
  3. Macaque Attack (you are here)


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