Bury Me Deep by Megan Abbott

book cover of Bury Me Deep

Apparently this is not one of Megan Abbott’s better books, but it was the cheapest of them in the Kindle Store when I bought it. It was still one of those books that made me wish Goodreads allowed 3.5 star ratings… I don’t even care about any other half-star levels, I just want 3.5! This is to say I liked it better than “just” liking it, but did I REALLY like it? Eh, well…

The problem with this book is that the first two-thirds or so are pretty slow. It is not that fun reading about Marion Seeley drinking with her new friends or getting seduced by an asshole serial womaniser. By the end of the book I was glued, getting fed up when my train got to the station where I had to get off and go to work for eight hours – but all of that compelling reading was just in the very last part of the book! And it’s not even a very long book! It just seems a bit wasteful.

This, however, is something that established Megan Abbott fans have complained about in their reviews of this book, so I’m determined I should try another. If it’s like the last third of this book, I’ll love it.


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