About Me

I’m a 90s kid, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. I speak English (natively) and Spanish (to a B1–B2 level). At uni, I dual-majored in Spanish Studies and History, and did a minor and a half in Linguistics. I have a physical disability called Klippel-Feil Syndrome that you should not look up on Wikipedia because its article is not very good. I’ve worked a few different casual jobs, including in education. My politics are very socialist and feminist, but I have lots of other interests too. I’m interested in languages, ways of story-telling, history, society and technology, and I’m a huge animal lover. When not working, I spend a lot of my time reading, cooking, going on walks, and playing computer games. (That is not an exhaustive list.)

I currently still live in Melbourne, in a beachside suburb with my partner Vivian and our tabby cat Gidget. Below you can see a few photos of the three of us.

a tabby cat stretches out on a bed; a man kneels on the floor next to her, looking away in thought a selfie of a man and woman standing in front of some shrubbery, both smiling a selfie of a woman in a hoodie kissing the top of a tabby cat's head

About the Site

I had an interest in web design starting from when I was a kid on Neopets in the early to mid-2000s. From there I branched out into making my own personal hobby sites with HTML, CSS and basic PHP, and after that I blogged for a few years using Wordpress, then Chyrp.

This latest incarnation of my site is powered by the static site generator Hugo. The templates and the stylesheet are creations of my own, although I’ll have borrowed some code snippets here and there. The background wallpaper is from background-tiles.com. The favicon was created with Avataaars.

To the best of my ability, this is an IndieWeb website. Comments here are supported through Webmentions, and I’m also using Bridgy to “backfeed” likes and replies from social media, so they’ll show up here just like native comments! What this means is that if you don’t know how to leave Webmentions, you can reply to my posts on Mastodon (you’ll find me there as @jayeless@toot.cat) or Twitter (I’m @thejayeless) and your comments’ll show up just the same. Because of the way Bridgy works it might not show up on the blog immediately, but unless I hate your comment so much I delete it it will eventually show up 🙂 A grateful shout out to Webmention.io, Webmention.js, Webmention.app and of course Bridgy for making this all possible.