Link: “Hundreds of Iranian Schoolgirls Have Been Hospitalized After String of Suspected Poison Attacks

Original post found at: https://jezebel.com/hundreds-of-iranian-schoolgirls-have-been-hospitalized-1850179291

Apparently there’ve been a string of attacks at girls’ schools in Iran, where schoolgirls have been poisoned with gases (nitrous oxide gets named specifically here) while trying to learn. There’s some speculation it’s “punishment” for the fact that girls & young women have been at the forefront of the protest movement in recent times.

The Iranian state isn’t like the Taliban, and it has a long history of promoting the education of women & girls (even though it obviously enforces other kinds of misogynistic controls). So, it doesn’t seem to be thought that the state is organising these poison gas attacks in its own schools… however, there is a lot of skepticism that they’ll actually bother to investigate, or prosecute, those who are responsible. It’s just too convenient, given the desire for “revenge” or “deterrence” against protesters.