Link: “‘Dirty wee torturers’: Northern Irish man tells of British army abuse during Troubles

Original post found at: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2023/jan/20/northern-irish-man-british-army-abuse-troubles

A doctor examined Auld and declared him fit for interrogation. For at least seven days and nights he was subjected to what became known – in reports by Amnesty International and other organisations – as the five techniques: the stress position, hooding, white noise, deprivation of sleep and little food and drink. When Auld moved from the stress position he was beaten. Occasionally the hood was removed and lights were shone into his eyes.

Several of the men, including Auld, were bundled on to a helicopter and thrown out, thinking they were high up. They were a few feet from the ground.

Auld assumed he would eventually be killed so tried to end his suffering by hurling himself at heating pipes to break his neck. “But I just hurt my head. That, for me, was the worst because I couldn’t die. That sense of helplessness and isolation was horrendous.”

An article about the “hooded men” of Northern Ireland, whom the British subjected to torture in 1971, and who never really got justice for what occurred. The techniques the British practised there later informed the use of torture during the “War on Terror”, and the Americans referred to the 1978 European Court of Human Rights ruling – that the UK’s actions were “inhumane” but not torture – to justify their own atrocities.

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