After gin and chess yesterday afternoon, Viv and I took a walk up to the Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens to check that out. It’s only small, but it was definitely very green and it had this cool observation tower and wombat statues 😛 Here’s a bunch of the photos I took while we were there.

A wooden arch marking the entrance to a densely leafy park. The arch has words on it reading ‘Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens’ A grinning young man standing on concrete steps which are part of the base of a graffitied-on observation tower.
A view from the top of the observation tower, including blue skies, leafy trees in the foreground, and fields and paddocks in the background Two cute little wombat statues at the base of a tree An old yellow land rover, with ‘Daylesford Brewing Co.’ printed on the side
The tall concrete observation tower as seen from the base, towering into the blue sky The same young man from before standing on a shaded path through dense trees