Viv and I are home from our little trip! So, I thought I should post some photos from all the stuff we did that I haven’t already posted about 😅

So, firstly: Yesterday, Viv and I went on a walk through bushland in Hepburn Springs! It was a well-signposted walking track and all that, but it was still a bit uneven, and there were some fallen trees over some sections of the track, so there was a little bit of difficulty 😅 Afterwards we had lunch at a café near the entrance.

a little footbridge over a stream in bushland Jackson's Lookout: a structure with stairs running around so visitors can look out over the bushland from above
a view from high up of all the trees and hills in the area, with some cleared paddocks just visible in the distance a white woman with long brunette hair and Indian guy, both smiling at the camera a little stream running through a particularly dense and shady part of the bush

After that, we went to sample some beers at Hepburn Springs Brewing Co., which I mentioned. After that, we went back to town and ended up going to an Indian restaurant for dinner where they had this robot wheeling around delivering dishes:

side-on view of a robot, looking basically like a cylindrical set of shelves with food on some of the shelves. the top of the robot has a diagonally-oriented surface with a screen on it.

Then this morning, we went to the Daylesford Sunday Market and took the tourist railway to and from Bullarto (which was an hour’s round trip):

looking down the platform towards the station building at Daylesford, which is a relatively fancy nineteenth-century building the silver diesel train at Daylesford Station
a wooden old rail car parked at Daylesford Station, painted red with white doors and window frames. the car is labelled 409 W a white woman and Indian guy smiling at the camera as they sit on board the train a sign saying ‘Bullarto’, nestled amidst trees and near a small orange building