I’m starting a rewatch of the “new” Doctor Who (2005 onwards). My tentative plan is 1–2 episodes a day (or at least most days), similar to when I first got into Doctor Who. That was 2003, when the ABC started showing every1 episode in order, from the First Doctor onwards, to celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary. If I manage to get through New Who, maybe I’ll start a rewatch of Classic Who afterwards 🙂

I started getting tempted to do this rewatch a few weeks ago, when there was all the hullabaloo around Jodie Whittaker’s last episode. At some point as an adult I stopped watching Doctor Who religiously, and there’s some big chunks of the show I’ve just never seen. Then there’s other chunks of the show that I did see, but don’t remember too well. Rewatching it in full just seemed like a neat thing to do! We’ll see how I go. First cab off the rank was Rose, which was… surprisingly dated… and everything about it except Rose and the Doctor themselves was naff. Nonetheless: onwards and upwards? 🙃

  1. Some serials with Daleks in them did not get aired, apparently due to a rights dispute with Terry Nation’s estate. The one I was saltiest about was the Second Doctor’s last serial, a ten-parter, which did not get aired thanks to a mere clip of a Dalek a few seconds long in one of the episodes. PS I still have never seen the Second Doctor’s last serial ↩︎