Viv and I saw the second “Avatar” movie today (The Way of Water). We liked it, it was good, very beautiful visually, well-made… but 3h12 is too long for a movie. Thankfully it also has a lot of excessively long action sequences, so I had time to sneak out for a toilet break without missing a single plot development 😜

IDK. I also felt like the plot was less ambitious than the first one (I mean, in the first one they send an entire mining company packing! in this one, one family just goes into hiding then at the end they destroy a boat!!), and I also felt the lack of a real Grace-like character (even though Sigourney Weaver did return to play a different character in this). In fact, there were a lot of characters and as a result I felt like none of them got much by way of development… but I was interested in the world-building, again, I felt for the whale-analogues, and as mentioned the world was very pretty to look at.

One minor thing that confused me – after Kiri had her seizure, these two scientist characters turned up out of nowhere to declare she had epilepsy, then disappeared again? They were two of the scientists originally working in the forest, right? So… did they, like, follow the family to Beachtown just out of shot? (Considering we got footage of the family en route, and the scientists were not with them then.) Then where did they go after that scene ended?? They didn’t seem to still be in town when the climactic confrontation loomed. Am I crazy or does it genuinely not make sense what happened there?