Link: “‘Y’all,’ that most Southern of Southernisms, is going mainstream – and it’s about time

Original post found at: https://theconversation.com/yall-that-most-southern-of-southernisms-is-going-mainstream-and-its-about-time-193265

Another article in the well-established “y’all is good, actually” genre. It makes the point that y’all is actually not first attested in the US, but in the UK – but then fails to go on to mention that its use still not restricted to the US, being characteristic of Indian-South African dialect as well, for example. When I visited Vivian’s family there, within a few weeks y’all had become part of my internal monologue, although I cut myself off and refrained from saying it aloud because I thought people would just find it funny coming from an Australian. (I mean, “ja” did come to form part of my active vocabulary for a while, and people thought that was funny enough, lol.)

Overall, though, I’m still a “you guys” person. I don’t see it as gendered; “guy” singular is gendered, but “guys” plural isn’t, sort of like Spanish vosotros (except even more so, because I would 100% address an all-female group as “you guys” and not find that weird. I mean what else am I going to say, “you girls”…?).

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