Link: “The End of the Road to Serfdom” by Cory Doctorow

Original post found at: https://doctorow.medium.com/the-end-of-the-road-to-serfdom-bfad6f3b35a9

Rich people have a persistent, gigantic blind-spot: they imagine that those who serve them are happy with the status quo. They‘re LARPing Plato’s Republic, with them as Philosopher Kings, with gold in their blood. The rest of us have bronze in our veins and we’re meant to feel lucky to have such great and wise leaders running the show and taking care of us.

From the feudal lords who fantasized that the peasants were happy to work the soil; to the American enslavers who deluded themselves that the Africans they kidnapped and terrorized into working for them embraced plantation life; to the toffs who kidded themselves that coal miners loved the “honest work” underground, rich people have always inhabited a fantasyland where guillotines are unimaginable…until they become inevitable.

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