So I just had to get a blood test done (for very mundane, routine reasons) and I almost fuckin’ FAINTED 😫 I knew something wasn’t right because the second she put the needle in, pain shot through my forearm to the hand, and then my hand started going numb, and then I started feeling hot and dizzy and nauseous and shortly after that, my vision started clouding over.

The technician was initially more concerned about why the blood sample was so slow to gather, but once I mentioned dizziness she swung into action and helped me get through it with water and cool wet paper towels to the forehead. She reassured me that people faint every day and I just need to tell them next time I need to lie down to get the sample drawn, but I’m still kind of distressed because I’ve had countless blood tests before and this has not happened. I’ve fainted before from overcrowded public transport but not this. Now I’m at home and just feeling physically drained, like I’ve done hours of hard labour. Not sure what happened but what a horrible experience 😫