Weird day today.

Firstly, that heavy rain has led to heavy flooding in a big chunk of the state, including around my mother-in-law’s holiday house. We had been due to go up there for a biiiiiig gathering on the Saturday, which it looks like can’t go ahead now.

Then, my dad texted about the results of his CT scan (see previous post). Apparently, there is in fact a “large tumour” in his kidney. He still needs to see a urologist. It’s very, very probable that that kidney will need to be removed.

The only good thing is that it’s been a very productive writing day. Over 10,000 words added to the current draft (a bunch of them were things that didn’t need to be rewritten from the last draft though), and I’m hurtling towards what I guess will be the climax of “book 1” of this story (see relevant post). I also made some progress towards outlining “book 2”. I get the impression my dad’s keeping himself busy to take his mind off his health issues, as well.