At long last, I can announce that the Ido-language edition of this site has been made publicly available! 🎉

I’ve had it in progress a longgggg time. I mean, this blog post about what I’d learned about Hugo’s multilingual mode, which was prompted by my very adventures creating an Ido-language section of this site, was all the way back in March. More than once now I’ve been on the very cusp of releasing it and then ultimately just not.

Despite what I said at the end of the March blog post, I have been making use of a dedicated Mastodon account(external link) to post in Ido. That’s been a good time. However, today the admin of the instance I’m on,, announced(external link) that the instance will be shutting down at the end of the month (unless someone volunteers to take it over), which pushed me to raise “publishing that Ido-language version of my site” on my priority list. As I’ve mentioned in passing various times before (but most recently last week, when I started syndicating my statuses back here), one of the reasons I like having my own site is that I can make sure my posts stay online. Social media might be more where the majority is at these days, and that’s fine; I crosspost there, and hell, sometimes (especially for the Ido-language posts) I post on Mastodon first and then copy things back. But fundamentally, I consider social media to be ephemeral. Instances go down, and posts get buried on the timeline anyway; my site is where the canonical copy lives “forever”. (Not actually forever, as I ruminated on in this recent link post about what happens to our digital identities after we die, but probably longer than your average Mastodon server.)

So, anyway. The Ido-language edition of this site. Currently it mostly consists of copies of my Mastodon posts, or (further back) translations of English-language posts, although it also has a fully-translated “About Me” page and a “Subscribe via RSS” page and stuff like the archives, datestamps, site navigation, and thingies at the bottom of each post that go “Thanks for reading! If you’d like to interact…” are all fully translated. As time goes on I expect I’ll add more dedicated content to it. In particular, now that it’s online, I should be better able to publish stuff that wouldn’t fit within the 500 characters of a Mastodon post. My hope is that I do.

I’m pretty sure most regular readers of this blog are not Ido speakers, but you’re welcome to check out my effort if you’re at all curious. Otherwise, hope you all are having a great day!