Today’s the day daylight savings starts in Australia’s southeast. I was actually born on the day DST began in the year of my birth, almost 30 years ago. My dad tells an amusing story about it – there was a brief period of doubt as to what to record as my official time of birth, because the hospital moved the clocks forward early. That is, officially the clocks move forward at 2am (so we go from 01:59:59 +10:00 to 03:00:00 +11:00). However, this hospital decided to wind the clocks forward at midnight, instead.

My dad noticed because he was nervous as hell waiting for me to be born and happened to be watching the clock at the moment the hands suddenly zipped forward and covered a whole hour. When I was born, 54 minutes later, the hospital staff were ready to put down 1:54am as my official time of birth. My dad interjected, to point out that the clocks had moved forward early, and DST hadn’t actually started yet, so my time of birth was actually 12:54am in standard time. The staff went and checked and found out he was right, and that’s how I ended up with my correct time of birth on my records after all, haha.