Although I had my own medical appointments today, I also got a text from my dad with some more concerning news about him. He’s been suffering from what seemed like a recurring infection, which would start with lower back pain, progress to fever and vomiting, and clear up after 48 hours (until the next time). I had insisted that he go to the doctor, and finally he did. They sent him for an ultrasound, and the results of that were what dad texted me about this morning. Apparently, his left kidney is looking highly abnormal, with multiple cysts. He has a CT scan next week and also has to see a urologist, but it is possible that that kidney will need to be removed.

I’m genuinely a bit shocked because, even though I knew there was clearly something wrong, that all made it sound more alarming than I’d expected. Obviously my dad’s very important to me, and I just want him to be well! Whatever treatment ends up being required, I hope it makes him so.