It had been a couple of months since I last tried Arc Browser, so today I thought I’d give it another go. I mostly enjoyed the experience of using it last time around, and I only stopped because it was using an enormous amount of CPU, so I wanted to see if it had improved. So far it seems like it has, which is good news 🙂

But then while I was on this train of thought, I also revisited Orion Brow­ser(external link), and found that it was released into public beta back in June! It’s based on WebKit, not Chromium, and is supposed to be highly optimised for performance on macOS and iOS (with this blog post(external link) saying a Linux version is planned next). It also has the standard list of features that the average browser connoisseur desires: built-in ad/tracker blocking, support for Firefox and Chromium extensions (and a commitment to support “Manifest V2” extensions going forward(external link)), vertical tree-style tabs, and sort of tab groups (in that you can have multiple browser windows open but you can also name them and there’s a convenient switcher between them).

I haven’t seen as much buzz for Orion on as I have for Arc, but it seems pretty cool, and right up the alley of the same kinds of people. Has anyone else given it a try? Right now I’m kinda like, how am I supposed to make a proper attempt trying out two browsers at once 😂