Link: “The Workers Who Seized the Means of Production

Original post found at: https://jacobin.com/2022/08/workers-means-of-production-chile-allende-yarur-textile-factory-unity-popular/

Great article on a very specific episode of Chilean history: the takeover of the Yarur textiles factory in Santiago by its radicalised workforce in 1971, during the time of the socialist Salvador Allende’s presidency. Towards the end, also, there is this sombre reminder:

On September 12, the military stormed the textile mill, taking it back from the workers. The workers had already abandoned it the day before, in the last Workers’ Assembly at Ex-Yarur, concluding that they did not have the means to put up resistance. Over the next five days, throughout Santiago, the military went to war with the workers who did put up a fight, destroying all remaining forms of poder popular.

Ex-Yarur workers didn’t return to work until a week later. The factory would be run by the military over the following three months, put back in the hands of the same officer who had overseen the end of the 1962 strike, and was subsequently turned back over to Amador Yarur himself. The leaders of the workers movement at the Yarur factory were dead, “disappeared,” imprisoned, tortured, or underground.

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