Link: “The Russian Left is Standing Against Putin’s War on Ukraine”

Original post found at: https://jacobin.com/2022/09/russian-leftist-youth-protest-war-in-ukraine/

After February 24, the protest against the Putin regime, amplified by antiwar sentiment, was embodied in a digital resistance movement. The global media has been largely silent about this fact, but military commissariats in Russia burn down every few days, freight trains with weapons or raw materials for military factories derail, and the walls of houses and fences are covered with huge pro-Ukrainian graffiti at night. Volunteers take care of Ukrainians forcibly displaced to Russia and help them flow to Europe. This resistance is horizontal and egalitarian, and it is mainly engaged in by twenty- to thirty-year-olds. What values drive them?

This article does seem to present a rather rosy view of the Russian Left, but I sure hope it proves right to have been optimistic.

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