Link: “Hawthorn racism review to allege that former coaches separated First Nations players from families and demanded a pregnancy termination

Original post found at: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-09-21/alastair-clarkson-and-chris-fagan-named-in-hawks-review/101452320

The sheer callousness of Hawthorn FC, as described in this article, has genuinely shocked me. Apparently Hawthorn’s senior coaching staff has been forcing their way into Aboriginal players’ relationships – forcibly ending them on the player’s behalf and denying the partner’s right to even speak to him, forcing players to hand over their phones to swap in new SIM cards, forcing players to move house to a coach’s spare room effective immediately, bullying players’ pregnant girlfriends into unwanted abortions (and in one case succeeded)… just absolute crazy shit. Like holy fuck, this is unfathomably evil.

Article is obviously very heavy – content warnings for racism, reproductive coercion, pregnancy loss, suicide attempts, and not just as passing references but in detail. Fuck Hawthorn.