Why is it that every time I let my blog go without a post for a few days, and then I think to myself, “Man, I really should make a blog post,” it’s immediately like INSTANT PANIC and I can’t think of anything to write? It’s a hard life 😔

Anyway, for the sake of easing the stress on myself, here’s a collection of dot points about what I’ve been up to recently.

  • I’ve been studying different auxiliary languages, a lot. I’ve been trying to post regularly in Ido to my dedicated Mastodon account(external link), and I’ve also been recreating all my flashcards for Occidental, which I had had in Mochi Cards, in Anki. Why switch to Anki? Well, it’d let me do my flashcards on my phone without having to pay a USD$5/month subscription fee (which I’m not going to pay, sorry Mochi Cards) and I also wanted a nice template so my flashcards could be more like “type the missing word in this sentence” rather than just “word” ⇆ “word”. I think the greater amount of context (and the requirement to type) is helpful. But yeah, so much work.
  • I’ve been working on my novel! Not as much as I’d like (because what I would like is thousands of good, clean words every day 😂), but a little progress regularly is still better than nothing. I finally worked out how to set up novelWriter(external link) on macOS (not that hard, I just had to install Python 3 via Homebrew and then its other dependencies first…) and while I wish it was more like a layer over the top of plain Markdown files (maybe with YAML front matter) I still like how it organises my chapters and scenes, gives me running wordcounts, and lets me type in Markdown within its editor. I have been copy-pasting my work as I go into my pre-existing git repository (see relevant blog post) 😛
  • On the weekend, I finally declared “inbox zero” in my RSS reader. That is, I either read or discarded everything. What a superhuman effort! I found that the best way to get through everything was to spend some time almost first thing in the morning just reading a bunch of articles (at least enough that my “unread” number would be lower than it had been the day before). It’s only been five days but so far I’m still maintaining “inbox zero”, too.
  • I installed iOS 16 on my phone today. Somehow I missed that it was actually released and not still in beta 🤣 The new lock screen seems cool, although as far as I understand it that’s pretty much the only new feature of relevance to me.
  • Overall I’m feeling better now it’s spring. I’m waking up relatively early each morning without a struggle, I’m getting myself out for a brisk walk every day, I just feel more energetic and capable of doing things (except writing good blog posts, apparently). Just like every September, we’re only getting brief 1–2-day spells of warm weather before it goes back to being cold, but hey… at least we have a reasonable amount of daylight again!