It’s AFL Grand Final morning! I know not everyone cares about football, but it’s a big deal ‘round these parts nonetheless: we had the public holiday Grand Final Eve yesterday, lots of cafés and the like close early in advance of the game, and it’s a day for people to catch up with friends and family, often over a barbecue, like secular Christmas! It’s sometimes said that football is like a religion here in Victoria, which I think is over-egging it slightly, but surprisingly not that much. Following the ups and downs of the AFL season is like a social glue for the “believers”, and feeling alienated by everyone else’s obsession with football is a unifying experience for the “non-believers” 😂

Because of the pandemic, today will be the first time in three years that we’ve been allowed to catch up with loved ones to watch the game. My own team, the Sydney Swans, is even playing in the final although it’s very much the underdog (Geelong, the other team, has been truly ascendant in recent times) so we’ll see how that goes. I’m not optimistic tbh. But I’m looking forward to watching the game with family and hoping for a miracle!