Felt like I should follow up on some of the things I mentioned in posts last month and then just left hanging…

  1. My sister did make it home from the UK! She said it took her 10 days from her initial positive Covid test to stop testing positive, but that still left her with a few days between recovering and her flight home to do some more sightseeing around London. She loved the Transport Museum so much she went twice πŸ˜… (TBF, I went there when I visited London in 2016, and I loved it too.)
  2. My SAD lamp came in the mail a few days earlier than predicted. Its arrival coincided with a couple of days of good (for winter) weather, so I feel like my uplift in mood has had more to do with that, but I’ve been using it nonetheless. I genuinely feel a lot like a plant: deprived of sunlight I wilt, and with it I flourish 🌞

Then one more random thing I wanted to share, but isn’t really a “follow up”: recently, some of the currawongs around here have noticed me tossing walnuts to the magpies, and have looked on with great interest but also some trepidation, from a safe distance of five metres or so. Yesterday I tossed a few walnut bits in the direction of a currawong who was looking on, and it looked a little perplexed, but ultimately jumped down on the far side of the fence to see what I’d tossed it. A few minutes later, after I’d gone inside, it reappeared at my window and peered in at me with a piece of walnut in its mouth, as if to say, “Yup, I got it! Thank you, lady!” and then ate it only once it was sure I was watching πŸ˜‚ Birds are great, man.