So this has taken up a lot of my energy the last couple of days: creating a new little “desk nook”!

picture of a new office chair with a red blanket thrown over the back, next to a new white desk with just some basics (laptop, phone stand, headphones) on it. the desk does also have a sticker saying ‘DANGER: Do not play lifting frequently’ picture of the desk setup taken a little later from further back. now the desk also has a lamp on it and the chair has a smug tabby cat who has identified her newest cat bed

A few years ago, at the end of my Masters degree, I rewarded myself with a large desk in our flat’s second bedroom and a pretty sweet desktop to go on top of it. Sadly thanks to the pandemic I have lost that desk, because Viv needs it to do his job from home. Instead I’ve been using my laptop on the living room couch… which worked fine until the noisy construction work started next door… and also TBH it’s not very easy to be productive writing or whatever on the couch. Too many distractions. I wanted more of a distinction between “TV/video” time and “using my computer” time, if that makes sense. Or at least the ability to create more of a distinction. As it’s been, I end up watching junk instead of TV shows I actually want to watch, because I’m afraid I won’t concentrate on them with my computer there, and I also end up being under-productive on the computer because junk on the TV is distracting me. I wanted a solution to both problems.

So this week I did a bit of research. As I mentioned on Tuesday, I discovered that Officeworks sells desks that suit short people now, and I also ordered this semi-pricey ergonomic chair which, too, is designed specifically for short people. Yesterday I got them both, and I set them up (which required a bit of decluttering and furniture-moving to make room), and now I have a nook!

I think Gidget prefers it when I work on the couch, but she has shown some interest in my office chair when I haven’t been sitting on it myself, as you can see 🤣 Speaking of Gidget, we had to take her in for her annual vaccination today and the vet was really pleased with how much weight she’s lost (she’s down to 6.6kg)! The vet even said the magic words… that Gidget doesn’t have to lose any more weight! I don’t think Gidget realises yet that her torment is at an end, but hopefully now we can feed her a little more she’ll stop waking Viv up during the night…