When the weather was nice on the weekend we took Gidget for some outside time. She spent about 20 minutes on our neighbour’s AC exhaust unit soaking up the sun, then went to a shady spot (not pictured) to cool down for ten minutes, then went to said neighbour’s front porch to camp out there. The whole time she was stealing glances at the next neighbour’s front door, to see if their cat was noticing her assert her dominance 🤣

a tabby cat on an air conditioner exhaust unit, in front of a brick wall, looking at the camera the tabby cat is now looking to the top left (a magpie was over there) close-up of the tabby cat's face on a front porch, in some mottled shade a photo of the tabby cat on the front porch from further back, showing some of the potted plants around