Link: “‘Blood, body parts, screams’: Gaza reels after Israeli strikes

Original post found at: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/8/7/gaza-reels-from-loss-destruction-as-israeli-attacks-continue

An article about some of the victims of Israel’s latest attack on Gaza. For example, there is this:

“The first thing I saw was the body of my son’s best friend. That’s when I screamed and knew that my son might also have been killed,” Abu Hamada said. “Minutes later I found my son. He was soaked in his blood and lying on the ground. I was screaming so hard calling for an ambulance.”

And this:

“Last night, the two children went out to buy things from the supermarket across the street from the house where people gathered after evening [Isha] prayers,” al-Nairab said, sobbing heavily. “It was only moments before we heard a loud bombing.”

And also the stories of a couple of people who agreed to have their own houses demolished to make it easier for rescuers and ambulances to reach people buried in the rubble. Just awful.