Link: “Should class snobbery be banned?

Original post found at: https://www.newstatesman.com/society/2022/07/exclusive-should-class-snobbery-be-banned

Apparently the British Psychological Society is calling on the UK government to outlaw class-based discrimination, in the same way that discrimination on the basis of race, sex, etc. is already banned. Of course you can’t totally prevent things by making them illegal (who else remembers that comic that goes, “Hello, 911? What do you mean you’re being murdered? That’s illegal, he can’t do that!”) but it would go some way to affirming that class snobbery is morally reprehensible, in the same way those other forms of oppression are. It seems like one of those bare-minimum kinds of steps. (That said, I know it reflects a very liberal view of what class oppression even is!)