We’re due to return Gizmo home later this afternoon. Gidget hasn’t been able to resist bullying Gizmo a little bit – at one point when I tried to give Gizzy one of his dog biscuits, Gidget marched in and pretended like she was about to take it, so Gizmo conceded the biscuit to her and walked away sadly… (even though she had no interest in the biscuit at all, just didn’t want Gizmo to have it, and stopped pretending once he’d left). Then later on, she intimidated Gizmo into getting off my lap twice, when she had no interest in sitting on my lap herself. Other than that things have been peaceful, though. Certainly both of them have been getting their share of cuddles, whether they know it or not.

two animals sleeping on a couch: a tabby in the foreground (visible is a close-up on her head and one front leg), and a fluffy little white dog in the background