Link: “Don’t Lie To Me About Web 2.0

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In Web 2.0 you might use off-the-shelf software like WordPress or phpBB or whatever but you were still hosting all that stuff on your own server. Your server, your rules; you’d set your own moderation policy and wield your own “banhammer”. The free speech compromise was “don’t like my moderation policy? Make your own website.”

It was a huge paradigm shift in 2005-6 when YouTube started and said “we’ll host your videos for you”. (What? trust a third-party website to host my videos? Sounds sketchy) That was the beginning of the end, because once people gave up running their own server in favor of letting a big company host their stuff on a centralized server, we gave up all the power.

Social media wasn’t web 2.0, it’s what killed Web 2.0!

Good argument against the web3 grifters, and an enjoyable read too ❤️

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