Up till now, this has been Vivian and I defiantly avoiding Covid:

But I am concerned that our run of awe-inspiring jumping prowess awesome good luck has come to an end. On Tuesday night we had to attend a fancy dinner for an organisation Viv volunteers with. This morning, we heard two other attendees at the dinner have tested positive for Covid. And we both have sore throats 😒

We each did a RAT test1; both came back negative. Not trusting that, we both went to get PCR tests this afternoon. Results to come back in 24-48 hours, apparently. IDK if it’s paranoia but I’m just not feeling confident 😷

Update (22:45): Good news – got my test result back (faster than predicted) and I was negative! I’m still going to take it easy because I feel under the weather with SOMETHING, but it seems like I’ve got lucky this time.

  1. Don’t @ me that I said “rapid antigen test test” here, ok. I don’t care. ↩︎