Link: “It's Time to Bring Back the AIM Away Message

Original post found at: https://www.wired.com/story/bring-back-the-aim-away-message/

Really liked this article. Personally, these days, I find it really stressful when people expect rapid replies (it’s one of the reasons I dislike Discord, for example) and I really value mediums of communication where it’s “okay” for me to check my notifications, scroll the timeline, and send out replies whenever I damn well feel like.

I didn’t used to find instant messaging stressful, and I think it’s because in that pre-smartphone era, people had to actually be on their computer and open their IM app to even be listed as available for conversation. The fact that modern apps seem to presume that everyone is constantly available to take messages is the pits. Let’s not just bring back away messages (although those are good too); let’s bring back being offline!

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