Link: “Global hunger fight means no biofuel

Original post found at: https://www.reuters.com/breakingviews/guest-view-global-hunger-fight-means-no-biofuel-2022-06-06/

Apparently, wheat equivalent to 5 billion loaves of bread is converted into biofuel annually – often compelled by Western governments’ quotas, even though there’s little evidence that this use of biofuel even helps the climate (it’d be far more effective to reduce how much transportation is required). At the same time, due to Russia’s war on Ukraine (these countries being the 1st and 5th largest wheat producers in the world), there is a massive shortage of wheat at present and people in lower-middle income countries face being priced out of the ability to buy food. The article argues governments should cut their biofuel mandates to alleviate global hunger.

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