Link: “The time SUSE, the German Linux company, banned mentioning Jewish holidays.” by Brian Lunduke

Original post found at: https://lunduke.substack.com/p/the-time-suse-the-german-linux-company

To me this is a genuinely shocking story of anti-Semitism, mostly because it’s all so petty. Like, telling the social media guy to keep up the posts wishing everyone a happy every-other-religion’s-holiday but delete the Jewish ones? And immediately firing anyone who points out how dodgy this is? Then purposely scheduling your annual conference during the High Holy Days when there were other days that would’ve worked better anyway? Like, FUCKIN’ WHY? It’s so bizarre. My sympathies go out to any Jewish person who had to work in that environment (not that I expect any of them to read this, but just in case, hah).

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