Gidget’s week has been full of ups and downs. Some days she’s felt starved (Monday when she nagged Viv to give her ⅔ of her daily food before 6am was a bad one) but as the week’s gone on she’s seemed better and better about the diet. She’s weighed in at 7kg a couple of days, which suggests it’s doing what it’s supposed to! The biggest down has been the poo-stravaganza she launched when I was in the shower yesterday, but I suppose her human servants’ dedication must be tested occasionally… (she’s NEVER done anything like it before, so idk, I hope it’s a one-off).

a tabby cat sitting in a sultry manner with a pink flower-shaped cushion on a grey couch, looking to the left of the photo-taker the same tabby cat in mostly the same position, now looking straight at the photo-taker