Over the last couple of days I’ve done a bit more site tinkering, and revamped my tag pages. Basically I wanted to be clearer about what the difference is between a tag and a category: a category is more like a channel, with posts on a similar theme but not all on the same subject, while a tag is more like a topic. So, the tag pages now (mostly) have a tag description at the top of the page (some of them seemed kind of self-explanatory or I couldn’t think of a good description though), and rather than being a paginated stream of all my content mixed together, they have shorter links grouped by content type (wiki pages, then blog posts, then link posts, then interactions). Many of them are like rudimentary wiki pages now 😛 And that’s why I wanted to make the change – to make it easier to link related content, and have kind of “stub wiki pages” for things I haven’t mustered up the energy to write full-length wiki pages for.

Digital gardening is fun 😅