Link: “Are plastic containers safe for our food?”

Original post found at: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/feb/18/are-plastic-containers-safe-to-use-food-experts

Not a new article, but I came across it today from this Reddit discussion(external link) about how plastic containers shouldn’t be microwaved (even the ones that say it’s fine) because the chemical bonds of plastic start to break down under heat, leeching plastic particles (including microplastics) into your food. I’ve heard this before, but kind of always brushed it off because TBH a huge amount of what I eat is meal-prepped food reheated in plastic containers so this microplastics stuff was really not something I wanted to be true 😂 But maybe it’s time to stop sticking my head in the sand and switch over to glass…

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