I watched the second Fantastic Beasts movie (Crimes of Grindelwald) tonight, because it was on free-to-air. I was so disappointed by the first movie that I hadn’t gone out of my way to watch this one, and now that I have, I’m perplexed. There were a lot more tantalising whiffs of story compared to movie #1, and most of the individual scenes in isolation were quite good, but it just never came together as a cohesive whole. There were like four major groups of characters and every time the film moved away from one you wouldn’t see them again for half an hour. Plus, I can’t pretend the movie had my undivided attention the entire time, but I’m still confused about some things, like why the F Credence is so important, and also what Dumbledore was even really doing in the movie. (Also hated the inclusion of McGonagall – not only is it a continuity error because she wasn’t born yet, but they included her just to be a dick for some comic relief.) I mean look, I think this is better than the fatal flaw the first film had for me of being boring, but I can’t help scratching my head πŸ€”