On Thursday night, Viv and I caught the train into the city and met up with my sister to attend a show of the Comedy Festival. Like last year, we saw my best friend from primary school’s show, which this year was Urvi Maj­um­dar Went to an All-Girls’ School(external link). It was good fun, lots of mid- to late 2000s nostalgia 😛

After that, Viv, my sister and I went to the pub across the road for some beer… and there, another comedy show broke out, the After Party hosted by Chris Franklin(external link). Viv had been initially unethused about this second comedy show, grumbling “it’s probably going to be bad”, but once he realised the host was the guy behind the ‘Bloke’ song(external link) he changed his tune completely. Some of the segments were better than others but overall it was another fun unexpected extension to the night 😛 And Viv was excited because at the end of the show he got a selfie with Chris Franklin.

What did put a sour note on things was trying to come home again. Back when I used to go out in the city all the time there used to be all-night buses, and these days I thought they’d been superseded by all-night trains, but alas… according to Public Transport Victoria, it’s unheard of for anyone to stay out after midnight the night before a long weekend, so NO PUBLIC TRANSPORT! What’s more, every single taxi driver in the city was refusing to run their meter (illegal) and just quoted $100 for every trip. We checked in with sooooo many taxis and in the end had to settle for one where the driver was still refusing to run the meter but at least quoted $80 instead of $100. (Uber was quoting $98 fwiw, probably because of the bullshit lack of transport options causing surge pricing, so that wasn’t really a viable alternative either…) So yeah, that put a sour note on the end of our night. And there I’d been thinking that the taxi industry had learned some hard lessons from the rise of ride share apps and done some cleaning up of their notorious dodginess… NOPE 🙃

When Viv and I got home at 1:30am, Gidget was sitting in our front window, GLARING down the driveway. She meowed super indignantly at us when we finally came home too, I could just imagine her shrieking: “What time do you call this?! Where have you been??” Like come on Gidget, Vivian already has an Indian mum, we don’t need you as well 😂

After 6.1 hours of sleep (according to my Fitbit) we had to get up the next day to attend Vivian’s 12 year old cousin’s birthday party. We ate sooooo much food there that we ended up not eating any dinner (well at least I didn’t…). In fact, by the time they were serving cake I had already stuffed myself so full of savoury food that I was sure I had no room left in my belly for cake. I sat down on a couch just to chill out… and then other people started sitting in other spots around the couches with their cake… and then I was like, “Okay, dangit, I guess I’m having cake.” It was some kind of raspberry-white chocolate cake with a texture of cheesecake and it was soooo good!

Then because we were “just around the corner” (10 minutes’ drive) from my parents’ house, we visited them. Gizmo made it to the groomer this last week, and is looking very smart in his “baby lamb” kind of way 😂 We chatted merrily for a couple of hours, and then we came home, and I was so tired (and also starting to feel this tickle in my throat that this morning has turned into a bit of a cough… took a Covid RAT test and it’s negative though 🤷🏻‍♀️) that I collapsed into bed before 8pm 😂 Feeling much more functional, despite the throat tickle/cough, now I’ve had a good night’s sleep, haha.