Link: “A Four-Day Workweek Will Benefit Everyone, But Especially Women”

Original post found at: https://jacobinmag.com/2022/03/four-day-workweek-trial-gender-pension-gap/

Neat article that puts together a lot of ideas that I’ve long had. Starts by talking about a UK trial where 30 companies are trialing a four-day work week for their employees with no loss of pay, after Iceland’s public sector already did such a trial between 2015–19 which was so successful that 85% of Icelandic workers are now able to work in such an arrangement. It goes on to point out that the existing five-day work week is a model that was implemented when the idea was that only one person per household would need to work, so not only could domestic labour could be divided more equally if everyone had fewer days/hours of paid work, but it would result in lower stress levels and higher life satisfaction too. Plus lower unemployment and underemployment, as presumably 20% more job positions should exist. Good stuff.

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