Seems I haven’t been posting much in recent days! We returned Gizmo home on Monday (he seemed excited to be back in his own place) and since then, quiet. What I have done a lot of is adding new pages to my wiki. I had this sudden resurgence of interest in the constructed language Ido (which if you don’t know it, is a reformed Esperanto), so I’ve been futzing about trying to learn a bit more of that, and also read up on some other conlangs 🙂 One can’t help but be reminded of xkcd #927(external link) the more of them one reads about, but a number of them are still neat ideas! I was particularly intrigued by Globasa, which is designed to be an IAL with a more “globally representative” vocabulary than something like Esperanto or Ido. I just wish there was a better time:reward ratio in learning these kinds of things, haha.