Came across this infographic on Twitter(external link) and I really appreciated it. For all that, e.g. the Greens here are harping on about EVs constantly, there are a ton of negative environmental consequences to car use that are not solved by EVs at all.

Infographic titled ‘Hidden Environmental Impacts of Driving’. It shows an iceberg, the majority of which is submerged under water. Above the water is written ‘vehicle emissions’. Below the water many more environmental impacts are listed: ‘pavement & concrete production’, ‘urban heat island effects’, ‘impervious surface run-off’, ‘particulate matter (from tires & brakes)’, ‘vehicle manufacturing’, ‘loss of natural land due to sprawl’ and ‘parking construction and maintenance’. At the bottom of a graphic runs a bar saying ‘posted on /r/fuckcars’ with the Reddit logo.