It’s been a surprisingly busy and tiring day considering Gizmo isn’t really too hard to look after. “You don’t even need to feed me separately,” he would say, “I’ll just share the cat’s food! 🐶” (Perhaps it’s because she’s known him since she was a tiny little 12-week-old baby cat, but Gidget is very tolerant of this.) I’m sure he misses my parents and my sister – especially given their habit (which we don’t share) of feeding him tidbits straight off their plate – but I think we’ve done pretty well giving him an enjoyable “weekend away” right here.

The morning started pretty pleasantly – I woke up to find I had an animal stretched out either side of me, Gidget to my left and Gizmo between Viv and I on my right:

a brown bedspread with a human-legs-shaped lump running vertically up the frame; a tabby cat and a shaggy white dog are resting either side

When Vivian wanted to go buy a coffee, Gizmo and I went with him. Gizmo was very concerned when we continued on to the park near the café, leaving Vivian behind to wait for his order; all my reassurances that Viv would catch us up fell on deaf ears 🤦🏻‍♀️ He kept checking over his shoulder to see whether he could see Viv following on behind. When he finally saw Viv at the far side of the park, he YANKED on the leash and bolted over to greet him. At least once he was reunited, he felt relaxed enough to briefly befriend this dog:

in a grassy park with some fallen leaves around, a shaggy white dog trots away from a slightly larger black dog whose nose he's just been sniffing

After a couple of laps of the park we came back home. Later in the day, this lucky dog was able to go on another walk, this time back to one of his favourite places in the whole wide world: the beach!

a white dog grins merrily standing on the sand, some shrubs at the sides, as an Indian guy squinting from the sun in his eyes comes up from behind

Gizmo was very pleased with himself for doing a nice big poop on this path up to the beach that Vivian had to go and dispose of 🤣 Once Vivian had done that and joined us once again, Gizmo finally got to go for a dunk in the water:

a shaggy white dog seen from above, wading through the water at the ocean's edge a shaggy white dog standing in the ocean (the water comes up to about his ankles), pretty wet, grinning back at the photo-taker

And it was Vivian who got the last laugh, because Gizmo got so filthy rolling around in the shallow water and the mud that Vivian had to give him a B-A-T-H. That said, Gizmo was actually so good about it (jumping into the bathtub himself, etc.) that I think he knew he had it coming 😆 At any rate, despite that minor hitch, I think he’s had a good day.