Link: “Cristina Calderón, last speaker of Yaghan language, dies in Chile at 93”

Original post found at: https://english.elpais.com/culture/2022-02-18/cristina-calderon-last-speaker-of-yaghan-language-dies-in-chile-at-93.html

“When my sister Úrsula passed away I was left alone, with no one to talk to,” said Cristina Calderón in 2016, in an extensive feature published by EL PAÍS. “I learned Spanish when I was nine years old. The father of a niece of mine was a gringo, and they taught me little by little,” she recalled in her house in Villa Ukika, in Puerto Williams, with a view of the Beagle Channel. “Back then everyone spoke Yaghan, but later they started to die, and I was left alone. The children did not want to learn the language. They were ashamed. White people laughed at them.”

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