Viv and I went out to a local Vietnamese restaurant for dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day last night, then took a bit of a walk afterwards. On the main shopping street of our suburb, I took these photos of a pretty little mural on a pillar in front of a dentist:

a square, painted pillar, two sides of the mural visible: the left side features a kookaburra, an emu and a kangaroo, the right features parrots and orangutans the pillar from another angle, showing a side with a magpie, a cat and a dog as well as the parrot/orangutan side the pillar from yet another angle, showing a side with a penguin, a cow and a pig as well as the kookaburra/kangaroo/emu side

We made our way down to the beach, stopping along the way to buy some fancy ice cream (not pictured). We sat on the clifftop overlooking the beach to eat up, then went down to wander along for a while during the sunset before heading home.

a view of the beach at sunset, with a sky that shades from blue to orange to pink, and a sign from the council saying ‘Be summer safe’ another view of the beach at sunset, this time looking out at an outcropping of dark rocks, with the gradient of the sky this time purple to yellow

Then, basically as soon as we got home, Viv’s mum started spamming him with texts about how she felt sad and disappointed that none of her sons had chosen to spend their Valentine’s Day with her 🤦🏻‍♀️ So that was unfortunate. Gidget was also unimpressed about us going out without her, and even pretended to have lost all interest in her favourite toys to express her displeasure 🤣 Still, overall we had a nice, relaxing evening.