I’d been perplexed and even a little concerned the last few days, because our magpie friends who are usually such reliable visitors didn’t turn up for maybe a whole week! I knew they’d been having territorial disputes with the ravens in the park behind our place, so I wondered if they’d been pushed out 😔 However, today they came back, and I was able to chuck them a few walnuts more.

Well, or at least the group overlapped with the original magpie group, I think. In the original group there was one of them who was really greedy, and would squawk his head off at you if he thought you’d delayed by even one millisecond in giving him his walnuts, and he’d also shove the other birds out of the way if he thought they weren’t leaving him his fair share. None of the birds who came today acted like that 😆 And one of the ones who was there today didn’t seem to understand the concept of catching walnuts out of the air, which the old crew was all pretty good at. Still, the speed at which the first magpie to arrive summoned the others suggested to me that they were familiar with me as someone who gives treats to birds, at least to some extent. Maybe they have been jumbled up through the territory wars.

an Australian magpie perched on a clothes line, with the leafy branches of a tree behind an Australian magpie walking along pebbley ground, with a wooden fence behind it