Last night Viv and I went to a housewarming party – one set of his aunts and uncles moved house recently and wanted to celebrate with all the (vaccinated) family.1 Anyway, it was actually a really enjoyable evening! It was especially nice catching up with some of his cousins, about the same age as us, who we don’t see all that often (some of them, I don’t think we’ve caught up with since before the pandemic started). Plus it was nice chatting to some of the aunties and so on too 😉 I also have to share this picture of the hosts’ dog, who tragically was more interested in the platters of nibbles on the table than she was in getting patted by us guests 😆

a light-coloured labrador sitting on a wooden porch, staring transfixed at something out of frame but it is a platter of cheese and crackers

  1. They did actually request people send through their vax certificates before coming, haha ↩︎