On the off-chance anyone is interested, I just published a big batch of languages-related pages from my Obsidian vault to my personal wiki. Most can be found if you start clicking links from the Romance languages page, but I also published one on the 2020 Scots Wikipedia crisis.

I’m not really sure the best way to bring stuff over from Obsidian to here – it has to be somewhat manual because I have to rewrite the internal links, and I also have a bunch of notes that I’m not really sure are worth making public (and some that I’m certain aren’t). But doing these big batches seems less than ideal, too πŸ˜… I also get concerned that doing them might flood the feed reader of people who subscribe to one of my RSS feeds (the “master feed” or a category-specific feed will include new wiki pages). That’s sorta why I waited until now even though I wrote most of these pages a couple of weeks ago (so only a few will appear in the 20 latest entries of the feed – unless you subscribe to my “Languages” feed in which case you’ll get quite a few, but I figure that’s what you signed up for πŸ˜‚). I don’t know, would it be better to exclude wiki pages from RSS feeds entirely, and just make a little note post like this when I add something new that might be interesting to others? But then I’d get self-conscious making note posts because I don’t wanna come across like I’m saying, “I GUARANTEE this new wiki page’ll be worth your time!” Something tells me I’m overthinking it, haha.