I’m clearly a bit of a latecomer to Wordle(external link), but I found the website today πŸ™‚ From my perspective it’s like a words version of the game “Mastermind” I used to play with various classes as a warm-up or time-filler, where I’d think of a four-digit number (maybe five for an older class, or three for a younger one), they’d make guesses, and I’d tell them which digits were wrong, which were right, and which were in the number but in the wrong place. I feel like it’s a little easier when you play with words, because they have to be actual words! So that rules out a lot of combinations before you even start. Here’s how I did today:

Wordle 214 4/6


I also know of versions in Spanish(external link) and Catalan(external link). I was able to complete both those puzzles today too, but the Spanish one in particular was definitely harder than the English one for me πŸ˜… Still, a fun little diversion.