Link: “Right-wing politics is cancerous to democracy, society, and human life” by Greg Larsen

Original post found at: https://theshot.net.au/general-news/right-wing-politics-is-cancerous-to-democracy-society-and-human-life/

Oh, every single word of this is perfect. From this part about the class background of anti-vax protesters:

For months and months I’ve been subjected to bourgeois hand-wringing social media complaints about how these poor working class people have legitimate concerns, and that they’re by and large good people dealing with a tough situation. We’ve heard that they’ve been infiltrated and misled by a few far-right agitators, and that it’s actually classist to hang shit on them. As a bloke who grew up working class in Ipswich, Queensland, allow me to say: fuck that. They’re a pack of absolute fuckwits and they haven’t been infiltrated by the far-right, they are the far right.

To call them all working class battlers is also so fucking condescending, when no one even took a census of the crowd. But they must be poor, uneducated people, right, because the poor unwashed masses can’t understand big words like “pandemic” and “vaccine”? Bullshit. I saw quite a few Mercedes with “Kill the Bill” stickers, those apartheid and Australian flags cost fucking heaps, they had a sick sound system that I could never afford, and that giant hangman’s gallows on the back of the trailer would cost a metric fucktonne. Whether it was the Klansman outfit, or the blokes in full Viking costumes, there was a HUGE amount of cash on display, so fuck that made-up working class narrative. None of them were struggling. Fuckwits are fuckwits.

To this about the COMPLETE CALLOUS DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE that is our current Covid policy:

What were we in lockdown for? What the fuck was the Government doing? For two years we were in and out of lockdown, and the whole time I had this idiotic notion in my head that we were getting ready. More money was being given to hospitals. More beds, more ventilators, more testing facilities, more money earmarked for welfare so people can miss work if they get Covid-19; more drugs or whatever we need so that when we finally open up, we can handle the expected influx of new patients.

My naïve fantasy was shattered in days. Now people can’t get treated, and if you’re sick you just have to go to work because there’s no way to prove you have coronavirus and no way to access government support without proof. Hospitals are cracking, nurses are quitting, the economy is grinding to a halt, but worse than all that, people are dying in greater numbers than at any point in the pandemic. Children, mothers, sons, fathers, daughters, the numbers are going up and up. People with other medical emergencies are having to wait hours for an ambulance and are spending hours upon hours in emergency rooms. It won’t just be huge numbers of Covid dead, we will be looking at a huge spike in excess death from all causes, because the Liberals don’t give even a tiny shit about you.

It took just a couple of weeks for all this to come crumbling down. “Living with the virus” for so many people quickly turned into “dying with the virus”, and the mask came off. Damien Perinic, or whatever his name is, never cared about the people of NSW dying, he just wanted to keep his big-business donors happy and he simply stopped pretending otherwise.

To these parts of the “call to action” at the end:

  • STOP FIGHTING WITH OTHER LEFTIES!! I don’t give a fuck if you’re a Marxist, an Anarchist, a Greens voter, a social democrat, or even a Labor voter. I don’t give a shit what your concern is. The Liberal party exists. They exist and they run the country. Until they don’t exist anymore, you have bigger fish to fry. No, the LNP won’t win if people vote for the Greens or a socialist party: we have preferential voting! Stop it. Stop going after people who are trying to harm Scott Morrison.
  • Stop watching and engaging with media that platforms conservatives. There’s no point. They just openly lie, and it’s not like they answer any questions anyway. You watch Daminic Perrier or whatever his fucking name is and all he does is go “jobs, economy, families” for a bit and you won’t gain even a kernel of knowledge. Whether it’s QandA or the 7:30 Report or the commentary box at the cricket, these crooks have nothing to say and you’re wasting your own time by watching.

I know it seems like I’ve quoted tons and tons but there’s quite a lot else in the article and it all hits the nail on the head. Go read it. We have so much to be angry about right now.

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