My folks weren’t able to come for their usual Sunday visit today, because my sister woke up with a sore throat. They did say it was very minor, but with no rapid antigen tests anywhere to be found they (and I) didn’t think it was worth the risk. This means that Gizmo misses out on his weekly walk on the beach, too. While I was thinking of him, I thought I’d share a couple of Gizmo photos I took during visits last month. Hopefully my sister feels better soon (and doesn’t have Covid) so we can catch up then, Gizzy 💔

a white dog lying on a grey couch, sleeping a white dog curled up semi-tightly in a ball on a grey couch

On an additional note, my dad told me that he and my mum are booked for their booster shots on January 21, which is good news (even though three weeks still feels like ages away right now). I become eligible later in January than that, but I still need to work out where to get my own booster. I tried checking for appointments through three separate online booking portals but I’m not sure whether it’s cos I’m too far out, or I’m too late, but I’ve struggled to find anythinggggg. Only slots that say they’re strictly for immunocompromised people only, which isn’t me. IDK if I need to get over my phone anxiety and make some actual calls, or I should plan on being a walk-in somewhere once I’m eligible 🙁